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March 28, 2017

Maneeley's Banquet Facility
65 Rye Street, South Windsor


Lunch & Keynote Speaker Kathy McAfee

Kathy McAfee - professional speakerKathy McAfee - America's Marketing Motivator

Energize Your Life:
Discover 10 fast track secrets to motivating yourself to action and building a better life now!

If you desire to thrive, not just survive, then you must energize and motivate yourself to action. Our keynote speaker, Kathy McAfee, will share ten fast track secrets to help you get unstuck and begin moving in the direction of your goals and dreams. Unleash your inner Motivator and discover the true power and potential that you hold.

Through her professional speaking and executive presentation coaching, Kathy’s helped advance hundreds of careers. She unleashes a businessperson’s ability to make positive changes in the world. Motivated executives and ambitious entrepreneurs become recognized leaders in their fields. Through the services and inspiration provided by Kathy’s company, Kmc Brand Innovation, LLC, her clients master high-engagement presentations, effective business networking, and personal branding to accomplish their personal and professional goals.

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Morning Featured Speaker - Jenny Drescher

Drescher JennyJenny Drescher, ConnectAnd Improve 

Get Out of Your Head and Get Connected

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or from the corporate world, developing meaningful relationships is essential to your success. Too often, women in business are taught to follow formulaic, old-school approaches to connecting with others. It’s time to break free and lighten up for the 21st century connection economy.

In this energizing start to our day, Jenny Drescher will lead us through fun interactive ways to play and experiment with how we connect to others in a variety of business environments. You’ll learn three keys to showing up with ease, thinking on your feet, and getting comfortable in a conversation with anyone.





Afternoon Featured Speaker Linda Albright

linda-albrightLinda Albright
Women's Wealth Revolution

Sacred Selling System: How Women Can Confidently Create Sales Conversations to Bring in More Clients & Cash, the Natural and Pleasurable Way!

Have you ever wondered why selling is so hard? It’s not your fault! You’ve inherited the awkward male approach. Linda Albright, Founder of Women’s Wealth Revolution, invites you to learn the sales system created by women for women!

During this presentation, you’ll learn step-by-step scripts to naturally guide the sales conversation, three tips FOR WOMEN to reach full sales potential (and what’s truly holding you back), how to interpret subtle body language cues that help (or hurt) the sale, exactly what to do with sales objections, and how to create the emotional arc necessary to close the sale. 

Early Bird Breakout Session - Dawn Greenfield

Greenfield DawnDawn Greenfield Yoga Born Studios

Simple Yoga You Can Do From Your Desk

Often, women are tied to an office chair during work hours, rarely getting the appropriate exercise they need from being at their desk. At this early morning breakout session, Dawn Greenfield of Yoga Born will give you your yogic espresso shot — a quick, effective way to give you the boost of energy you need in the morning and throughout the day. No need to worry about your attire; this session is designed to teach you simple seated and standing poses combined with breathing techniques that you can do right at your desk, energizing your body and boosting feelings of liveliness. This is exactly what your body needs to fight fatigue and stress in the workplace. 

Panel Discussion

Empowering Women and Girls through Sports

As more women and girls become involved with competitive sports, there is increasing evidence of its positive effect on their confidence, sense of empowerment, and development of leadership skills.  Listen to leaders in the field of girls and women in sports discuss this evidence and the initiatives that they are each involved in to nurture these life skills.

Cyndi Costanzo, will reflect on her role as Director of the UCONN Recreation Center.    Nicole Damarjian, LPGA Golf Pro will discuss the impact of golf on women of all ages, and the LPGA's Girl's Golf program.  Leah LaPlaca, Vice President of the new espnW program will share their mission.  Jennifer Kolins, Men's and Women's Tennis Coach at Western New England University will talk about her experiences as a coach and as volunteer for charitable sports events.

Moderator:  Heidi Bailey

Morning Breakout Session - Cathy Testa

Damarjian NicoleCathy Testa, Container Crazy CT

Learn to Grow Your Own Micro-Greens

Learning how to grow micro-greens in your home is not difficult and you practically have everything you need in your kitchen!

During the demonstration, you will learn all the steps of growing, the nutritional value of micro-greens, what not to do, and much more. Following the demonstration, Starter Kits will be available for purchase. These kits will jumpstart your micro-green garden in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to be eating healthy micro-greens packed with nutrition by the end of the week! 

Morning Breakout Session – Gail Kulas and Heidi Bailey

Gail KulasGail Kulas Leading to Unlock, LLC
heidi baileyHeidi Bailey, Consultant

Play Your Way to Innovation - Integrate Creativity and Innovation into your Business

Have an idea you haven't been able to move forward? Want to learn a creative method where you can build, share and collaborate. No LEGO building experience needed. You will learn how to use LEGO bricks to stimulate your creativity, reframe your story and have fun!

Each of you will receive a small bag of LEGO to take home for future building and story telling.

Morning Breakout Session – Liz Dederer

Liz DedererLiz Dederer
Selling With Service

The Currency of Conversation

Women especially have never been taught to speak confidently or competently around and about money. In fact, we’ve been taught the opposite – that it’s taboo, rude, icky or uncomfortable to talk about money.

In this lively and engaging ‘conversation starter’ morning breakout session, Liz Dederer will break down the social and emotional barriers that prevent us from feeling powerful in life’s most important conversations and leave you excited and prepared to talk about money with confidence, grace and ease!


Morning Breakout Session - Kristal Florentino

Kristal FiorentinoKristal Fiorentino
The OM Within, LLC

Energy: How it Effects Your Body & Your Business

As women, if we don’t have our health and our energy, we can’t be efficient, effective, focused, sustainable, and passionate. Our personal and professional growth is stunted, and our bodies become physically and emotionally compromised. Kristal will help women harness their energetic and emotional power to positively influence their personal and professional lives in her morning breakout session. She will share her three innovative, cutting edge, and proven strategies, teaching you how to maintain, and even grow your energy, allowing you to be more creative, pro-active, far-reaching and productive over the long term.

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Afternoon Breakout Session - Karen Senteio

Senteio KarenKaren Senteio, VERVE ,LLC

The 10 Gifts of Imperfection

Are you tired of spending your day plugging holes, trying to look like things are under control and living like exhaustion is a status symbol? Let go…

Karen Senteio of VERVE, LLC, will teach you about the 10 Guideposts of Wholehearted living.  Senteio will engage your mind, heart, and spirit and explore how you can cultivate the courage, compassion, and connection you need to wake up in the morning and think, no matter what gets done and how much is left undone, you are enough. This is the catalyst you need to ignite a new way of living where you feel alive! Show Up, Be Seen, Live Brave™! 



Afternoon Breakout Session – Stacey Zackin

Stacey ZackinStacey Zackin, PhD, MSW, PCC, theCoach4you

Dynamic Discovery Through Doodling

Often seen as an insignificant distraction or nervous habit, neurological research shows that doodling is a valid tool for accessing unconscious wisdom and improving cognitive retention. In this workshop, participants will experience how freeform doodling leads to freeform thinking, stimulates alternative methods for creative expression, and encourages the recognition of before unseen patterns and possibilities.


Afternoon Breakout Session – Morgan Roberts

Morgan RobertsMorgan Roberts Fashion Field Trip

Daily Adventures in Style

What we wear sends a message; not just to the world, but to ourselves. To ensure our personal style best reflects who we are and where we are headed, it is critical we infuse some life and energy, love and attention into our wardrobe. Learn how to make better clothing choices at this exciting afternoon breakout session with Morgan Roberts. She will help you choose what fits best for your personality, body type, and budget, and how simple styling tips can get you out of the house in the morning feeling confident and coordinated; ready for whatever adventures the day brings.


Afternoon Breakout Session - Nicole Damarjian

Damarjian NicoleNicole Damarjian, Ph.D, LPGA Willow Brook Golf Course

Energizing Through Gratitude

There are many different ways to energize your day, and we are all familiar with sufficient sleep, proper nutrition, and exercise. These are all great strategies, but have you ever considered the simple gesture of gratitude to fuel your day? Research suggests several ways in which cultivating an abundance mentality can change your life with improved physical health, greater resilience and hardiness, improved vitality, greater happiness, as well as improved relationships. Given its many values, this afternoon breakout session with Nicole will provide you with several different practical strategies from which to cultivate gratitude in your life.

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 Just a few comments from past conferences~

"AMAZING . . .recharged my batteries drained for 30 years in male dominated workplaces"

"relevant topic, very interesting study, excellent presenter"

"outstanding choice"

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