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Morning Breakout - Charting Your Journey through Education and Training

Karen SullivanKaren Sullivan to lead the breakout session ‚ÄúCharting Your Journey through Education and Training : Fear, Facts and Fallacies".

The economic and technological world we live in today increasingly requires ongoing education and training. In this workshop, Ms. Sullivan hopes to demystify higher education and other educational resources so attendees can determine what options will work best for them.


Topics to be covered include:

  • becoming familiar with the range of educational options available,
  • understanding how educational and professional goals can work hand in hand,
  • setting realistic goals about the structure and pace of their education,
  • appreciating the need to cultivate support networks and set up backup plans,
  • identifying a range of academic resources in advance, and
  • becoming comfortable as they navigate higher education for the first time or after a long hiatus.

Karen Sullivan is the Director of Adult Academic Services at the University of Hartford, where she has worked for over 15 years. Her primary responsibility is advising adult students who are returning to college to complete their undergraduate degrees or, in some cases, are beginning their undergraduate coursework. Having worked as a bank teller, licensed practical nurse, art consultant, and free-lance writer, attending seven different educational institutions in the process, she is very familiar with the struggles, excitement, and benefits that challenging oneself educationally and professionally can bring. She is dedicated to helping others explore their higher education path.

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